Test suite

The cppyy tests live in the top-level cppyy package, can be run for both CPython and PyPy, and exercises the full setup, including the backend. Most tests are standalone and can be run independently, with a few exceptions in the template tests (see file test_templates.py).

To run the tests, first install cppyy by any usual means, then clone the cppyy repo, and enter the test directory:

$ git clone https://github.com/wlav/cppyy.git
$ cd cppyy/test

Next, build the dictionaries, the manner of which depends on your platform. On Linux or MacOS-X, run make:

$ make all

On Windows, run the dictionary building script:

$ python make_dict_win32.py all

Next, make sure you have pytest installed, for example with pip:

$ python -m pip install pytest

and finally run the tests:

$ python -m pytest -sv

On Linux and MacOS-X, all tests should succeed. On MS Windows 32bit there are 4 failing tests, on 64bit there are 5 still failing.